For Standing Rock

For the last four years the Sioux tribe has been fighting to prevent the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will endanger their water supply and desecrate their sacred lands. The construction of the pipeline as planned goes against previously signed treaties with the United States. Currently, the pipeline is shut down while it goes through another environmental survey thanks to the National Environmental Policy Act. Trump's administration wants to roll back the National Environmental Policy Act because it stopped pipeline construction. We cannot let that happen, and we must stand with the Sioux people.

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Organizations that support indigenous people and their fight for maintaining their land

-Indigenous Environmental Network: A nonprofit organization that educates and empowers indigenous people on environmental injustice happening on their sacred land

-Honor the Earth: A nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities


Email/Letter Templates:

Contact officials directly to show your support

Advocating for the National Environmental Policy Act

Advocating for the Sioux people



Feel free to share these videos on social media to create awareness


Send this to North Dakotan officials

Dear [ insert Governor, Senator, and Congressman]

On behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, I would like you to acknowledge the sovereignty the Sioux people have over their land and support their efforts to discontinue the North Dakota Access Pipeline. The U.S. Government signed 370 treaties with numerous Indigenous communities that defined land borders. The North Dakota Access Pipeline infringes on the rights of the Sioux people, and is an environmental hazard. I implore you to stand by the Sioux tribe.

[insert name]


Dear [Insert Senator/Congressman]

I am contacting you to encourage you to support the National Environmental Policy Act. Pollution is a problem that many Americans deal with and without the National Environmental Policy Act many Americans will get sick. President Trump will want to change the National Environmental Policy Act following the recent North Dakota Access Pipeline decision but I implore you to oppose anything that changes it. The National Environmental Policy Act protects the citizens of America and I will show my support to those who stand by it.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Insert your name here]